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Berto Productions

Over the years, I have recorded and/or produced approximately 150 records.  Here are just a few tracks in different genres to get an idea for my production style and musical sensibilities.  

Track 1:  You Don't Have to Apologize

Artist:  Sky Bound Blue  / Genre: Americana

Track 2: Dying Language

Artist:  Tony Furtado / Genre: Americana

Track 3:  Let Me Down

Artist: Debra Arlyn / Genre: Pop / R&B

Track 4:  Evelina

Artist:  Moody Little Sister / Genre: Americana

Track 5:  The Hamster Wheel

Artist:  Lesley Kernochan / Genre: Sheesh I Dunno

Track 6:  Hot Pink (Now That You're With Me)

Artist:  Nick Peets / Genre:  Americana

Track 7:  Voices

Artist:  Storm Large (From The Shaker Sessions)

Track 8:  Youth in Vogue

Artist:  The Sort Of's / Genre:  Pop Rock

Track 9:  Devil's Dust

Artist:  Tony Furtado / Genre:  Americana

Track 10:  One More Time

Artist: Nick Peets / Genre:  Roots Rock

Production Samples

Berto Productions

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